Saturday, June 21, 2014

Madagascar Samples


 (Lemur Park in Tana)

(Lemur Park in Tana)

 (Lemur Park in Tana)

 (Typical street in Tana)

 (Avenue of the Baobabs outside of Morondava)

 (Baobabs aka Upside Down Trees)
 (Tsingy de Bemeraha - incredible sharp limestone pinnacles)

 (Crossing one of the ravines in the tsingy park)

 (Another view of the swinging bridge)

 (Narrow walkway in the tsingy)

 (Near the Ave of the Baobabs)

 (Sunset at the Ave of Baobabs on the way back from the tsingy)

 (Market in a small town along the main road)

 (One of the many interesting, dilapidated structures in the small towns along RN 7...similar scenery in some of the villages you'll see)

 (Slash and burn fire crossing over the main road in the country - RN 7.  We had to wait to let the fire pass before we could drive through.)

(Ring tailed lemur at Anja Reserve near Isalo)

 (More wild ring tailed lemurs at Anja)

(The view from the top of the hill at Anja, right where the rocky grasslands start and the forest stops)

 (A waterfall along the way in Ranomafana.)

(Sunset outside the village adjacent to Ranomafana NP)

 (Another of the interesting buildings in a small town along the way)

(You can see the two canyons on the right and left of center of Isalo National Park)

 (One of the natural pools of Isalo...swimming is recommended, as it's very hot there)

 (Random Malagasy cloud action)

 (The main road just outside of Isalo with some nice rock formations)

 (Small fishing village on some sand dunes just north of Toliara)

 (Same fishing village and a nice little kid I met)

 (Not sure, but I'd guess this is sunset.  I'm a genius.)

(Tiny island off the coast of Toliara for a day trip.)

 (Our boat and captain for the day trip.)

 (Interesting mix of architecture in the villages)

 (Random tiny village near the airport in Tana)

(10 minute boat ride from Ile Ste Marie to Nosy Nato)

 (Leaning palms over the scenic Indian Ocean as Nosy Nato)

 (The interior walking paths of Nosy Nato, where there are no cars or roads.  You can walk all the way around the island in 3-4 hrs)

 (The actual view from my room/cabana in Nosy Nato...probably my best ever hotel view)

 (Nosy Nato beauty...)

 (Where I stayed in Nosy cabana on the right, and my actual unit is hidden in the palms to the left)

 (Late afternoon light at Nosy Nato)

 (Pirogue pusher at sunset in Nosy Nato)

(Typical Indian Ocean shot)

 (Tana with the blooming jacaranda trees in October...just watch out when walking underneath them because they drop a lot of random goo from their leaves)

Paris Samples






 (6 - Louvre)

(7 - Notre Dame)